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Flap down a race track with a host of kickbacks in the blockbuster game of the year! Your mission is to jump through brick walls, or dive under electric hurdles. Evade all the hazards, missiles and collect gems. You’re given 4 different bugs, each with a different jump and dive profile. Select your power-ups or boosters in each game. •••••”Never had seen a diving running game, superb game play” • Get bonus boosts, protective bubbles! • Go invisible, tiny! • 4 Different Bugs! • Try the Flappy Bug! •••••GAME PLAY••••• • Jump and Dive Control • Swipe left and right on each track • Get ACE to win! •••••FEATURES••••• • Full high-resolution HD graphics • Adorable, cute sounds • Many music backgrounds • Easy to learn, addictive • Compete with others in Game Center
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