A Miner Problem

A Miner Problem

by Aaron Sequeira
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puzzle game with 30+ fun/challenging levels. Solve each level by matching all the blocks together, each type of gem must be match either 3 or more vertically or horizontally to clear them.

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Earlier this morning (10-27-2012) I happened to be in search of a new primary game site. Being that I, like a very fair amount of Pogo game players grew tired of Pogo's unwillingness to correct  or at least make a feeble attempt in correcting the problem within their system that was preventing itself from loading a person's game choice. This has been the problem with Pogo for the last ten days now and as of this morning it still has not been corrected.  So as I surfed the web in search of new game sites this morning, is when I stumbled onto this game site. As soon as I entered this site I could tell that my search was over. Not only did I immeadiately run to the registrar's office to sign up, but I even hung around to play a game (Zuma's Revenge) of my choice. But my confidence with my new primary game site was short-lived.. For now , after I sign in, I am being prompted that the games I am choosing are not free play games, and I am being prompted that my browser does not support the game format used by this site. All I can tell anybody is the fact that nothing has changed on my computer from this morning to the time I returned from work this afternoon. If I could access games this morning, why can't I access them now? Regards-Michael..............