by Absolutist
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Play completely new fun free online game of Hidden Object genre! Find all the numbers hidden among objects. Use the magnifier to investigate the location thoroughly. Left mouse button double-click will turn on/off the magnifier. You can use “Magnifier” button on the right panel instead. Discover 10 different locations and improve your detective skills!

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I didn't like this game. Because, after you click onto the numbers, they should disappear from the screen. Instead, they remain on the screen. So, If you happen to click onto them again, you lose points. The object of the game is NOT supposed to be a memory game of remembering which numbers you have already clicked onto. Therefore, it should be like the other hidden object games. Where after you find a number & click onto it, it should disappear from the screen. I love hidden object games. But, I wouldn't play the game again. As I felt that it was poorly programmed.