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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls: Bimza Games, the makers of Keno Gold - the #1 Keno App on the app store, brings you Keno Tap. Tap between 2 and 10 numbers, then anxiously watch as 20 random numbers, or balls, are chosen to see how many matches you get. The more you bet, the more you win (or lose…)! Features: • Retro Casino Feel • Win Meter • Quick Pick (Random Numbers) • Saves Credits between sessions • 5 Speeds (Slow, Normal, Fast, Really Fast, and Instant) • Bet up to 100,000 credits per game (if you can afford to) • … OH, AND IT'S FREE! In App Purchases • Auto-Play (Press and hold the go button after picking numbers) • Buy 1 Million Credits • Buy 100K Credits Keno Tap provides hours of fun. If you like other casino games like poker, texas hold 'em, slot machines, roulette, or black jack, then you'll want to add this exciting classic Keno game to your collection! We give you 100 Credits to start. Can you get up to 1,000? Ten thousand? One Million? We challenge you to do so. Send us a screen shot if you get up to one million! Let us know what bonus you'd like in Keno Tap, send us an email. Your 5 Star ratings help continue development and please send us your feature requests @ Plus, check out Bimza's other Games: (Search Bimza in the app store) • eXtra Keno • Keno Gold • Keno Trek • Keno Fairy • iTap Birds • iTap Toons • Booger Tap
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