Jewel Miner

Jewel Miner

by Cheese Zombie Games
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Rejoin your favorite characters from Gold Miner: Vegas for a brand-new matching game adventure called Jewel Miner.

Unique upgrades and features let you match like never before. Collect the power-ups and use them to your advantage. Race the clock for increased thrills. Mix up your fun with both Story Mode and Cave-In Mode.

This game is easy to play but challenging from the first time you sit down. The extended story guarantees hours of repeat play. Save your personal game and pick up right where you left off!

* 48 challenging levels
* Nine different power-ups
* Bye Bob, now you get to play as Julie

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Where are all of my favorites? The favorites that are showing are from ages ago and the ones that I now play do not show. DUH. I DO NOT like this new software.


there should not be an additional program to be downloaded in order to play games that were previously played without additional.

The new screens are too busy.