Move The Penguin - word game  - Free

Move The Penguin - word game - Free

by Coded Dreams
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☛Move The Penguin requires you to move penguins around to unjumble words. Collect stars by solving words as fast as possible or challenge your friend to a multiplayer game on Bluetooth or Game Center. On solving a word, you have the option to find out what the word means and also browse for more information using the in-app browser. ☛Collect stars, play with friends and get competitive or just challenge yourself. ☛Features of the game: º Easy and simple game play. º Multiplayer. Connect and play with your friends over the internet or bluetooth º Watch your opponent solve words live, in a multiplayer game. º Multiple wordlists to choose from. º Custom word mode. Where you can send words of your choice to your friends. º Check the meaning of words using the dictionary or browse for more information about the word, using the in-app browser. º Over 25,000 words to solve. º Different difficulty levels available to suit your needs. Fun and learning even for kids. º Clue option to ease you through the more difficult words.
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Move The Penguin - word game - Free
500 character maximum