We're sorry -- this game is currently unavailable for online play. If you'd like to see it make a comeback, please let us know. We'll make every effort to add this game back to Play Bubble Spinner, one of the most addicting bubble shooters online, for free on Of all the free bubble shooter games online, this one may be the most unique. The bubbles are on a rotating platform, so see if you can knock them all out before you get in bubble trouble. CHEATS & TIPS Don’t Rush There is no timer for this game, so take a minute to examine all the angles you could use and take note of groups of colors and the next bubble in your reach. Gain Some Momentum If there is a jackpot move you’re waiting to make, sacrifice a piece against the edge of the spinning mass to make the whole structure rotate, lining up that elusive bubble cluster. Take Advantage At The End As you get close to clearing the wheel, hold off on completing it as long as you can. You can rack up a lot of points this way as the board is open and easy to control. Work Your Way Up Every wheel gets progressively more difficult but also pays off more. The first wheel gives 1x points, the second gives 2x points, and so on. Spending extra time in each level makes a big difference for the score.
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Bubble Spinner
500 character maximum