Puzzle Solitaire

Puzzle Solitaire

by Dekovir Entertainment
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You've never seen a solitaire game like this before! Fill in all the open tiles of an interesting shape with cards and only one simple rule -- cards must be placed next to another card with a value of one less or one greater, regardless of the suit! It's so easy to learn you'll be placing cards in no time, but spending hours mastering the challenge. Featuring two great game modes, one fast-paced and one relaxing, 'Puzzle Solitaire' is quality fun for the entire family.

* Unlimited Play
* Two Game Modes: Classic and Arcade
* Saves Your Progress
* Beautiful Full-Screen Graphics

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why don't my games continue when I close as they did whe n I enjoyed it sooo much! you haveruined it for me and many people. who want to keep playing the apple? boring!!! I loved it when the games went on and became more challenging.  Orla


why do the pieces move so slowly?  Please fix it.


why only 2 levels? if it isn't free, then i don't play. it's an ok game, but not worth buying.