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New release in classic Parking Star series. Fresh pictures! New levels! Different game experience! Exclusively designed for iPhone 5 – 4-inch screen display! Tokyo Tower, Louvre Museum in Paris, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai and Tiananmen Square! In Parking Star 2, you can enjoy all these famous scenes in great cities by driving a luxurious car. This is a leisure game that simulates real parking. Use your accomplished driving skills to park at specific locations as quick as possible, while evade passers-by, vehicles and barriers in the way. Your journey starts by choosing from multiple vehicles, each with distinct tricks. With bonus for passing a level, you can update your vehicle in power, color and performance. Getting a little bored to play alone? The multiplayer mode is added, so you can have thrilling parking competition with players around the world anytime. ##Features## - 5 city levels including Beijing, Dubai, Paris, Tokyo and New York - 40 maps of different sceneries for your exploration - Game Center and Wi-Fi multiplayer mode are supported, so you can rival against friends around or players across the world. - 4 types of vehicles, each with their only abilities - 3 kinds of power upgrade give you fresh experience in driving - 7 types of colorful paint for your choice - Replay any unlocked level more than once - Free update for future additional cities

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