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* Features - Auto-saving to our dedicated server via Facebook login - Customize your ninja with tons of weapons, outfits and even Ninjutsu! - Team up with three ninja - Five Ninjutsu elements of your choices. - Build up your attributes to become the way you want to - Upgrade your favorite Skill - Maze mission - Player vs Player Battle (Bluetooth) - Unique collectables from enemies - Regular updates * Updates in future: - Talent - Group hunting with your friends - Player vs Player Battle (WiFi) - Jounin Exam * About Ninja Saga Ninja Saga was first released on facebook and it is now on iPhone too! This is a RPG game which let you create an unique ninja to explore the ninja world. Enjoy the new experience and build an adventure in your own hands! * Story In the land of Shinobi, you are just graduated from academy and start your new life as a ninja. Unfortunately, your home village is under attack by a mystery force. Your home village is in danger! Can you find out the cause and save your village? Gear up yourself and start a new journey to your ultimate goal. Bugs Report Official Website
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Ninja Saga
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