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Play the challenging sequel to Cubis, the addicting match-3 game, for free on Push the colored blocks into adjacent groups of three or more to clear the board. Play in one of two modes: Arcade or Morph Arcade, which includes ghost cubes to dodge. Check the “CUBES TO GO” counter to gauge how many cubes to match before advancing to the next level. Use special blocks to your advantage as you plan your strategy to eliminate as many cubes as possible. If you clear one chain and cause a chain reaction, you score a Cubis. CHEATS & TIPS Special Blocks: Cubis is as much a strategy game as a match-3 puzzler. Make sure to take advantage of these special blocks to advance much more quickly: - Star cubes help you score bonus points, but be sure to clear them quickly. They also dole out penalties if you do not remove them from the board. - Stone blocks cannot be moved and will not fall, so push those into areas with less clearing potential. - Cracked cubes will crumble away when hit but can also make chains. Place these cubes at the end of a chain you’ve already started. - Wedges will raise a cube up but cannot push other cubes, so scout possible matches by raising up one of your cube stacks. - Osmosis cubes change the color of cubes they hit and absorb into stacks that they match. Can’t find a matching color stack? Aim osmosis cubes at pairs of the same color above grounded color cubes. - Laser cubes will destroy anything, so aim them at areas with less clearing potential to maximize points.

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