Play four fun modes in 'Bumper Deluxe' including: Real Time, Challenge and Time Trial!

Bumper -- the standard mode of play

Real Time -- a faster-paced version with the difference that a bumper car is replaced the moment it leaves the bottom row. No Turns scores are recorded.

Challenge -- play against the clock as fast as possible to make the required number of lines. The amount of lines required is based upon the difficulty level the player chooses. If they complete the number of required lines in the allotted time their time will be recorded and they are eligible for the Challenge Bonus. The faster they complete all the required lines, the larger the bonus.

Time Trial -- get as many lines as possible in a period of 5 or 10 minutes. If the player completes the 5- or 10-minute period their number of completed lines will be recorded. The Rainbow car is available in this mode after 10 lines, regardless of the level of difficulty selected.

* Four game play modes
* Hours of addictive fun
* Unlimited game play
* Fun for all ages and skill levels

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