Launch colored balls to make matched sets, clear the board by "popping" all the balls before they drop on you! Two awesome game modes, Action Mode and strategy-based Perpetual Mode keep you on your toes. Special power pieces help you rack up the big points.

* Instant Access - Play anytime. No waiting, and you'll never run into a full game room.
* Fast-paced action or brilliant strategy - Pop all the balls at lightning speed in Action Mode, challenge your smarts and accuracy in Perpetual Mode!
* Full Screen Play - Fill your entire screen with intense puzzle fun!
* Special Retry Feature - When the level gets too tough, you have the option to try it again... as many times as you want!
* Awesome graphics and sounds. A downloaded game means you get better graphics and a new soundtrack, plus you never have to wait for a game to load!
* No interruptions. This game has no ads, so you can play an endless game or stop when YOU want to.

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