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<h2>Game objective</h2> Drop gemstones to create combinations of 3 or more. Make sure the gemstones don't reach the top of the playing field. <br> <h2>Game controls</h2> Click the row in which you want to drop the gemstone. You can see how many gemstones you need to drop to the left of the gemstone supply. Drop them all to complete the level. <br> Black gemstones remove gemstones of the same color as the ones it drops on. <br> S - sound on/off <br> M - music on/off <br> P - Pause <br> <h2>Score and bonus</h2> Drop a gemstone: 1 point <br> Formed a combination: 10 times (6 + level number) So a combination you made in level 3 earns you 10 times (6 + 3) = 90 points. <br><br> Completed a level: 1000 points multiplied by the level number. So completing level 4 earns you 4000 points. <br><br> Combinations with white gemstones score the most points.

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