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Join one of six countries and dominate other countries with your army,navy, and air force. -FREE access to farm for members of the winning country -Farm for more experience and gold. Now you can build a beautiful farm -Choose from one of these countries- USA,Canada,China,Japan,France,Germany,Russia,UAE,Saudi Arabia,UK,Spain,Brazil,Australia,Mexico,India -Each country has unique set of bonuses. -Each country has unique set of infantry,tanks,battleships, and warplanes. -Show your army for all to ENVY. -Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. -Live updates with new missions, units, buildings and more -Ally with other players to make you stronger. -You can now help your ally's farm or profit from their hardwork. -Experience gorgeous graphics -Real time updates -Real time chatting -Comment on other players -Place bounty on other players. -Broadcast Messages to your Alliance. -Battle others in multiplayers online gameplay. -Perform missions

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World War 3
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