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THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING! THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING! Actually, they are already here and it's up to you to save the inhabitants of your city. Help lift these mild-mannered citizens to the safety of the rooftop and escape waves of flesh-eating zombie invaders. Zombie Building is an amazingly fun and addictive game where you tap and drag your elevator between floors, dodging zombies and rushing to save countless lives. Just don't overload the elevator or your trusting neighbors might be in for a freefall down the tower even more scary than zombies! TWO MODES OF GAME PLAY - Normal: Start with 30 seconds on the clock and earn more by saving lives - Endless: Start with 5 hearts, but lose them as zombies eat your neighbors - Collect coins for saving lives - Game Center support with Leaderboards AWESOME RETRO DESIGN - Classic artwork - Fun zombie-themed music & sound effects Simple to learn and hard to master, Zombie Building is frightfully fun! Remember to follow us: We hope you love Zombie Building!

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