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1 vs 100 transforms you from being a spectator into a contestant in the only officially licensed app based upon the hit TV game show. Enjoy the fun and excitement of the TV show in this immersive game. Play in Solo mode and try to beat the Mob or test your skills in Tournament mode and compete against real world friends. Test your wit and experience the thrill of winning now! 1 vs 100 is a trademark of Endemol Nederland BV. Based on the Endemol television program 1 vs 100 licensed by Endemol Worldwide Brands. This game is fueled by GREE, the world’s leading mobile social gaming network, where you can discover new games, face off against friends, and compete for the top spot on leaderboards. Play what you want, when and where you want. Find out more and download the free GREE app at ComePlayGREE.com.

Had been playing on IPhone, which was stepped on accidentally this am.   I'v been playing for free and just love this game. (Undergoing treatment for blood disease so this is an enjoyable time for me when MD has me on Total Bed Rest.  Ironic that a Pediatric Oncology RN of over 17 years ends up on same treatment my cancer kiddos received.  If the treatment is this miserable for an adult can you imagine when it's like for a child.  My email is ClappRN@gmail.com and if I recall my username is:  DianeClapp or dianeclapp.  Please advise how I get to same 1 vs 100 game for free.  I'd sure appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Diane Clapp, RN


559-905-3043 CELL

559-447-8502 land line

685 W. Esclaon

Fresno, CA   93704

afformentioned is strictly confidential


Please see above post/comment.  Also, please send text stating you are 1 vs 100 prior to any response (cell,land line or email).  Thank you  very much,  Diane Clapp, RN