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Welcome to the Candy Shop! Crush candy to create special sweets such as striped candy, wrapped candy and rainbow candy in Candy Crush. Play for free online at Combine these special candies to create spectacular effects such as Super Stripe and Mega Candy.
  • Candy Crush is a match-3 game but why stop at three when four or five will earn you even more points. Matching four candies in a row earns a special wrapped candy that can clear a whole row.
  • Match 5 candies in a row to earn a big chocolate ball. The chocolate ball, once matched with a color, removes every candy of that color from the board. Make sure to match it with the most prevalent color.
  • Combine special wrapped candies with striped candies to get a giant candy. The giant candy can get destroy of the maximum number of candies. During jelly-themed levels, jelly candies cannot be moved. It's best to maneuver candies around them to make matches.
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Ken Hamilton
Ken Hamilton

earns an estimated $800,000 daily yet more than half of the players who get to the last level didn't pay to get there


And let's not even mention those stupid bomb candies, which I hate with a passion. Ugh. 245=impossible.

Hetal Patel
Hetal Patel

Wth ? I was on my last life, why did you have to update yourself in the middle of the game? Now what am I supposed to do?