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★★★★★ Now experience the FULL Frogger game for FREE!!! ★★★★★ 

Frogger is celebrating his 30th birthday but has never felt younger. One of the top selling video games of all time just got better with the integration of the entirely new and upgraded Facebook Connect. Enjoy this long standing arcade classic in its best version ever! Play the phenomenal sequel. Jump past cars and trucks on the road and hitch a ride on logs and turtles while crossing the river. raves “Konami has done a near-perfect job on the control scheme, just utterly awesome.”
Be captivated by this latest rendition of Frogger which captures the game play of the arcade original while combining the fun of the iPhone and iTouch with Facebook connectivity. This new Frogger connects you with your friends while you enjoy this game classic. Watch, in game, as you jump past your Facebook friends surpassing their high scores. Upload high scores and view your Facebook friend’s high scores. 

 -New game modes - Turbo, NightTime, and Inferno
 -Cars, logs, turtles, alligators, and other classic Frogger friends/foes
 -Classic arcade-style game play with multiple control options (swipe/touch/tilt)
 -Graphics - New and classic graphic options
 -Facebook Connect – Compete with local, friends, and global leaderboards 
-Achievements – Collect all 10 achievements Are you the best Frogger player out there? Can you beat the World Record mark of 896,980 points? Can you beat your friends? Download Frogger now and find out. WANT MORE FROGGER? Check out his latest adventure in FROGGER DECADES! --------------------------- CHECK OUT OTHER EXCITING KONAMI IPHONE GAMES: GESUNDHEIT!, METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION S+, INTERNATIONAL TRACK & FIELD, DOUBLE DRIBBLE, WIREWAY, POWER PROS, TOMENA SANNER, SILENT HILL THE ESCAPE, KRAZY KART RACING, SILENT SCOPE, HYPER SPORTS WINTER, RHYME PLAYER, ELEBITS, FISH KABOB, DRAW PARKING, and FIELD PROWLERS POLICE RUSH

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