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Everyone wants to have a magic pen! In 'Art Penguin', all of your dreams will come to true! This is probably the best gesture game I've played... Ever. .. --TouchArcade Wow, the game really looks amazing! It's very funny, better than ' max and the magic marker'---@willzhw by Toucharcde ★★★ Story ★★★ Do you want have a magic pen? Let's start 'Art Penguin'! In 'Art Penguin' !., you'll become a magic artist to help the little penguin with magical powers! Baby Penguin of 'Magic class' is on his way home, but he took the wrong flight! What's worse is the flight was caught by aliens! In order to drink milk at any time, the aliens hijacked baby cows! The baby penguin was abandoned on a lonely island with no help. Your mission is to use the magic pen to draw all kinds of items to help the penguin get home safely: Bridges, bombs, boats, umbrellas... what? There's also piranhas? Ridiculous! Of course, there are all kinds of bad guys trying to interrupt: Gangster penguins, turtles, flesh-eating flowers etc. But you'll also meet kind snowmen who will give you a ride!! ★★★ Enjoy this Features ★★★ - Draw the shape of the items to get the real ones! - Challenge Leadboard with friends! - Carefully designed 36 levels ! - Retina Display Support! - Supports OpenFeint 22 achievements! - Level mode and Challenging mode! - The game contains automatic recognizing feature! Youtube: Twitter:!/welcome/interests
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