Build the best hand you can in this classy game of free Video Poker here at The stakes are high, but the cost is low, so go for broke. Click “DEAL” to receive your five-card hand, then choose which cards to “HOLD” before you draw again. Try to find pairs, opportunities for straights (sequences of cards), go for three-of-a-kind, or try for a flush (a hand of all the same suit). Whether you’re in it to win it or just for a minute, it’s never a gamble to say that Video Poker is always a great time. CHEATS & TIPS: Virtually Go for Broke: Whenever you have the opportunity for a great hand in Video Poker, it is almost always worth taking. After all, your wins will only benefit your mind, not your pocket, and the same approach can be taken for your losses. So if you have the opportunity for a full house or flush, what’ve you go to lose? Playing to Win: Since card table Poker is about guessing your opponents’ hands and bluffing about your own, Video Poker is more about predicting the luck of the draw. As such, if you look to rack up a good run of “wins,” don’t be concerned with the quality of each win. If you don’t want to go for broke, try to focus on getting those two pairs whenever you can. Be willing to ditch the higher cards for the safer bets to increase your likelihood of winning.


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