Farm Craft 2

Farm Craft 2

by NevoSoft
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Ginger’s company, aptly called the Tomato Corporation, owns and works with a vast network of farms and food suppliers making quality, healthy food. Her trusty shovel hangs on the wall as a memento to her great work in past. During a trip back to her farm to visit to her grandparents, Ginger stumbles upon people making suspicious, and dangerous, experimental fruits and vegetables in her village. Dive into Farm Craft 2: Global Vegetable Crisis and save the world in this Time Management game.

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Well, the only good thing I can say of farmcraft 2 is that its colorful. It might have been a great game IF....

1. there wasn't so much confusion. 

2. the characters acted like they did in one of the farm type games that I played before where you have to dig, plant, water, grow, harvest take it to the barn and collect money for it. Unfortunately, the stupid balloons at the bottom disappear before I can read them. There is nowhere on there that says you have to double click to dig.

3. Get rid of the "burdock" by the barn. Where is it? How do you recognize it? I finally found the "weeds" planted in the garden as the guy was watering them after clicking on every conceivable green thing near the barn without much success.

4. Games are supposed to be fun, not frustrating.