Call of Atlantis

Call of Atlantis

by Playrix Entertainment
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Heed the call of Poseidon and save Atlantis with mystical crystals in this innovative Match 3 game! Explore the ancient lands surrounding the Mediterranean, uncovering hidden objects and solving cryptically challenging puzzles to appease the mighty sea god Poseidon with the power of magical artifacts. Become the true hero of Atlantis in call of Atlantis!

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The game is too small & hard to make matches. I used to play this game, a year or so ago, and the objects were a long bigger and cover the play screen  a lot more.


This is another Match-3 game that also has Hidden Object levels, much like the other games in this series, Atlantis Quest and The Rise of Atlantis.  This is the free version, which only allows you to play through the first two cities (Rome and Greece).

Playing this game doesn't award badges or stars, and it doesn't record your total score.