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Your Dynasty Adventure begins over 4000 years ago in Ancient China. Match the Magic Gold tiles and travel through 11 Dynasties, unlocking ancient wisdom on your way to collect the lost Dynasty treasures. 'Mahjong Escape' includes 2 ways to play: Dynasty Adventure & Classic Mah Jong Solitaire. Enjoy over 175 unique levels and 5 special power-up tiles to guide you along your adventure. Featuring 6 tile designs, 15 hand-painted backgrounds plus 5 relaxing soundtracks. Escape today! Features: * Over 175 unique layouts to play and enjoy * Journey through 4000 years collecting the lost Dynasty treasures * Classic Mahjong Solitaire with 3 difficulty levels * Five Special power-up tiles help you along your journey: Magic Gold Tiles, Key & Lock, Magnet & Joker * Six Unique and easy to view tile set designs * 15 hand-painted backgrounds * Five relaxing music soundtracks * Track your best times and scores for every layout * Amazing full screen graphics

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Mahjong Escape™ - Ancient China
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