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A very popular "Mr." game! "Mr" is back! Play the 3 million downloaded "Mr" game! *Extremely simple to play. Step1...Flick! Step2...Dodge! Step3...And "HEY!",sometimes. That's all! *You can challene your friend's score with iOS6 new feature! Just tap CHALLENGE in Main menu or RESULT screen! Show'em What You're Made Of! Pinches are approching after another... Impossible situations... And awful outcomes... Simple-is-best! Get over the impossibles challenges with your discernment! **About "Mr.Oops!!"** *One of the best simple games *Easy flick control. *Find "Mr"'s comical movements. *Get over pinches and feel exhilarated. *Exciting hidden modes for additional satisfaction!? Go crazy with "Mr.Oops!!"! Become our fan on Facebook Follow us on Twitter!!/PONOS_EN Presented by PONOS

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