Typer Shark

Typer Shark

by PopCap
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It's the typing tutor with teeth! Whether you want to improve your typing speed or just use your awesome keyboarding skills to blast sharks and piranhas, 'Typer Shark Deluxe' is your game.

Help your diver recover sunken treasure -- but watch out! Waves of sharks with words on their sides will lunge toward you. Type the word to zap the enemy! The game features a never-ending Adventure mode, how-low-can-you-go Abyss mode, Bonus Rounds, Boss Monsters and even a Typing Tutor mode to challenge typists of every skill level. Have fun while you learn to type!

* Unlock the secrets of Adventure mode
* Awesome graphics and sound
* How deep can you dive in Abyss mode
* Hone your typing skills in Typing Tutor mode
* Lots of enemies and deadly Boss Monsters to defeat

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I have troubleĀ  reading the printing on the sharks. Need a larger screen.


I love this game! :-)