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From the maker's of the hit app's "make Froyo!" and "Your Teddy Bear!" comes our latest cooking sensation! Now you can make a super YUMMY pizza on your iphone/ipad! After you make your pizza, share it with other player's around the world with our pizza gallery and try to get a lot of LIKES! - twirl your pizza dough! - spread your sauce and cheese just like you are really cooking! - cover your pizza with lots of yummy toppings! - choose a different plate or table to serve your pizza on! - infinite possibilities! - crystal clear yummy HD graphics - cute pizza chef - smooth touch screen controls - share your creations on facebook/twitter/instagram/more! - share your creations with other players on our R2 Pizza Gallery - Gourmet Pizza ingredients pack available now! - Cartoon Pizza Extras available now! - Sports and Flags pack available now! - 100's of more items available via in app purchase

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