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The most addictive dice game you can ever play! Yatzy, Maxi Yatzy and American Yatzy modes will give you hours of fun playing with your friends and family or against opponents from around the world. Refresh your childhood memories with this all-time classic game and invite your friends and family to a friendly online match just like the old times. Yatzy Ultimate is one of the most popular and addictive Yatzy games with over 3.500.000 downloads and BestAppEver award ( in Dice game category for 2012. Start the journey as a Newbie on Noob Alley, and advance to higher levels with little luck and using your skills. Play Online and Bet games, win Game.IO chips and soon you will be the Hot Shot of Hot Highway. Build your own buddy list by adding your friends and family, or meet new friends from all over the world. Your buddies will always be there when you’re in the mood for rolling the dice and winning! You can choose to practice your skills in training mode, play with nearby friends or play against real opponents, Head-2-Head with the best from around the world. As for the risk takers, use Game.IO Chips to bet and take risks and feel the ultimate power of winning. Let us know your suggestions and improvements or issues/bugs you have: Supports: * 5 000 Initial free Game.IO Chips * 5 levels and ranks which will provide you constant challenge playing with higher stakes * Select your favorite game configuration: Yatzy (Scandinavian - 5 dice), Maxi Yatzy (6 dice) & American Yatzy (5 dice) * Play with Nearby players via bluetooth * Bet mode - take risks and win more * Online mode - play with top world Yatzy players and your Buddies * 3 levels of difficulty with improved logic of AIs in Training mode * Server connectivity indicator to keep track of your connection for playing Online and Bet games * Login and play from other devices and platforms * HD retina and full size iPad graphic support * Leaderboards - beat high scores and climb straight to the top! * History of all games and statistic * Crisp graphics and sounds effects * Available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Turkish
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