Bitejacker: Secret Base Horror

Bitejacker: Secret Base Horror

by Secret Base
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Bitejacker is a zombie shooter based on the indie game review show, Bytejacker. Player can play as the host, Anthony Carboni, or cameraman, Jon Rivera as they brave through a bizarre world of zombie apocalypse.

Players can pick up new weapons, and upgrade abilities, and even meet some strangely familiar faces along the way...

Travel upwards to safety, fending off waves of zombies while searching for ammo, cash and new weapons. There will be survivors to rescue, some of which will fight with you; others may provide cash rewards, or help to search for more items. As you progress, you can upgrade your skills, or even release more monsters as you massacre the hoards. Release enough monsters, and a boss will be emerge. You can only advance after defeating the boss. Player must defeat all 3 bosses to complete the game.

Control Scheme:
E: Action
M: Mute
P or Esc: Pause
R: Reload
Space: Special
Left mouse: Fire
WASD: Movement

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Bitejacker: Secret Base Horror
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