Bricks of Atlantis

Bricks of Atlantis

by Swedish Game Development
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Game objective Destroy all the blocks and collect bonus items. Game controls Click with your left mouse button to shoot the ball and move the bat to catch the ball and the bonus items. Score and bonus The scores depend on what you hit and which of the bonus items you catch: Hit a block with a large bat - 10 points Hit a block with a medium bat - 20 points Hit al block with a small bat - 30 points Hit a plant - 1 point Hit a reef block - 1 point Hit a seaweed block - 10 points Hit a jellyfish - 25 points Catch a coin - 50 points Bounce off a tornado on the bat - 100 points Knock out a jellyfish - 150 points Open an oyster and catch a pink pearl - 250 points Catch a bonus star - 100, 200, 300 or 400 points, depending on the combo Catch a bonus item - 25 points Catch a golden bonus item - 1,000 points

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Bricks of Atlantis
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