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We haven’t seen a war like this, ever. One country followed another to the battlefield until the entire world was consumed by the struggle to survive. We’ve taken a lot of damage and what we need now is a leader. Our hope rests with you, Commander. In a world ravaged by nuclear strikes, crippling pollution, and dangerous cults, we face overwhelming odds. But hope remains. Hope that we can build defenses, train units, forge unions with powerful allies, and project our force and influence around the globe. We didn’t ask for this war, but we got it. Are you ready to face this Global Threat? Manage a base in 28 different real-world locations like New York City and Paris Train dozens of different military units, based on near-future war tech Construct dozens of buildings and research technology to advance your position Upgrade and supplement units and buildings to increase your combat efficiency Complete missions and receive rewards and take on the world in multiplayer combat Spy and collect state secrets for your opponents before leading military strikes Create or join existing Unions to form powerful alliances and lay waste to opponents Discover and use dozens of in-game items that enhance your combat abilities Please note that Global Threat is an online game and requires an active internet connection. Supports iPhone 3GS, 4/4S, and 5, as well as iPad 1, 2, 3, and iPad Mini and iPod Touch 2nd Generation and newer. iOS 4.3 or later required. More Information: Official Forum: Follow us on Twitter: Add us on Facebook:

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