Empire Conquest  - Free MMO Strategy Game

Empire Conquest - Free MMO Strategy Game

by Targa
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Command a kingdom and battle alongside thousands of real players to conquer the world! Do you have what it takes to survive in the fierce and competitive Medieval world of Empire Conquest? Rise from a humble village into a powerful Empire and create alliances with friends to take on powerful foes from around the world. Fight your way to the top in an action-packed Free MMO-Stratergy and see if you have what it takes to rewrite the course of history! ************GAME FEATURES************ - 100% FREE TO PLAY - Fast and addictive gameplay - Build your humble village into a fearsome Kingdom - Battle with thousands of real players online to conquer the world! - Create alliances with other players and become unstoppable! - Equip your heroes with over 100 hundred powerful weapons and armor - Help your friends get payback on their enemies with Alliance Revenge battles **************************************** Play Now for FREE! **************************************** Customer Support Email: support@targagames.com

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Empire Conquest - Free MMO Strategy Game
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