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Bubble Dash is one totally awesome bubble game! A beach trip that will leave you cheery and pleasantly satisfied. You’re on a beach that’s resplendent in the noonday sun, smashing bubbles of the same color together. Prevail over the sea urchins and the reef, defeat the pirates, and rescue the stranded crabs to be triumphant! Bubble Dash supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ^^^^^^ Features ^^^^^^ --Currently boasts more than 120 totally cool levels with great replay value. --Continues to be updated with new content and power ups. --Download more levels in-game. No need to download separately from the app store. --An exceedingly fun bubble game experience. --Delightful in-game music. --No Internet connection required to play (although we recommend connecting to receive free level updates and power ups). We hope Bubble Dash will provide you with unlimited hours of entertainment. Have fun!

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