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WARNING: In case of an ACTUAL Zombie outbreak 1- Keep a cool head 2- Download this app ★ZOMBIE OUTBREAK REVIEWS ARE IN★ • “You can’t go wrong checking this one out.” [APPSONTAPP.COM] • “Download it and test yourself. It’s always better to be prepared for the unlikely, rather than to suffer with the masses.” [APPADVICE.COM] • 4.5 out of 5 STAR rating after 175 user reviews! • Zombie Outbreak has reached TOP10 best Trivia app in 8 countries! • Thank you to everyone who left us comments. The good. The bad. It's all useful! ★ZOMBIE OUTBREAK REVIEWS ARE IN★ Be prepared for an emergency Zombie outbreak! Reduce the chances of a Zombie apocalypse. Install the app. Take the test. Share it with your friends. The more we are all informed, the best fighting chance we have against the Zombies. All the questions from the quiz are based on actual Zombie facts (not movie or video game trivia). To build our Zombie quiz we researched Zombie best practices, emergency preparedness recommendations, several guides and facts reviewed by Zombie experts. When doing the quiz, if you feel that an answer is incorrect, share your opinion with us Will you survive a Zombie outbreak? Take the test and find out. FEATURES • Realistic questions based on Zombie research & facts set in real-life scenarios • Absolutely beautiful Retina graphics (iPhone 4S + New iPad3 ready!) • Multiple Achievements on Game center • Share your score on Facebook. Let them know you're a survivor. HIGH PRAISE FOR ZOMBIE OUTBREAK ★★★★★ "A great emergency preparedness tool! They should teach it in school." A kid from school ★★★★★ "I should have tried Zombie Outbreak when I first saw it. Now it's too late." Previous iPhone user (now turning into a Zombie) ★★★★★ "arrr rrr rrrr rrgh" says the Zombie looking over your shoulder Disclaimer: [Some Zombies were harmed during the making of this app to make sure the app was realistic. Just promise not to tell PETA and we'll let you play the game…]
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