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The basic gameplay is a reference to the classic Nintendo game duck hunt game play, and added a lot of room for improvement and made ​​, for example, plus a number of bullets , and you can change the gun , every gun is different characteristics , as well as dog mode in the classic mode that the dog always joke you could not hit , and you can not beat it , now you can . Games are divided into four off: spring forest , dark cemetery, barren deserts, faint sea, each scene has its own group of ducks . Weapons are divided into four : ordinary shotgun , electromagnetic guns, machine guns, rocket launchers . Ducks Category: Zombie duck, ghost duck, duck fat , duck weak , hairless duck, duck rocket , space duck, duck flying butterflies , samurai duck, diving duck, Stealth duck, skull duck ducks and other classic type . . Dogs Category: Bazooka dog, big ears dog, flying saucer dog, dog balloon , hot air balloon dog, dog diving , deepwater heavy armored dog, sleepwalking dog, helicopter dog, dogs and other mighty big fat modeling, Soy sauce color color : Superman : nothing on the screen is always flying , then you can give it to shoot down . Snitch : just steal a bag of gold coins on his back ready to go home , you can shoot down it , then gold is yours , the game where you can highway robbery . . Octopus : Nothing to swim in the sea , you can play it, but it will spit ink to you , Pigeon : the bird is the task, go to messenger, so you can not beat it , no matter intentionally or unintentionally , just shot it , you're finished . .

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