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The no.1 rated BMX game - incredible BMX action! "9/10: Superb" - "The thing is addicting as hell!" - Props BMX "This game is legit." - Yeaa boooooii "Those turndowns are way too clicked! Buy this game!" - austinbikeley ABOUT PUMPED: BMX Check out the trailer: Made by a BMXer for everyone who loves a challenge, Pumped: BMX is a true-to-life, insanely addictive and challenging BMX game created by someone who actually rides! If you're not a BMXer the tutorials will guide you, but prepare yourself for a brutal lesson in trails style! From huge jumps to technical lines, from insane stunts to stylish flow, Pumped lets you ride the way you want to ride. FEATURES - Brand new gameplay - totally unique! - Incredible controls - as close as you can get to real BMX! - 44 levels in 6 locations - from the relaxing to the downright insane! - Over 100 challenges - real tricks, 1000s of combos - Outstanding physics simulation - true to life trails riding! - Stunning HD artwork - Universal App - buy once, play everywhere! - Full Game Center support with online leaderboards and achievements MORE REVIEWS Ride UK - "An amazing level of realism that is highly addictive."
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