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Mini Dino is a virtual dinosaur farm where you raise, feed, breed little dinos. When they are fully grown you can keep them or sell them to the zoo and buy newer dinos. You can play with them by tapping on the device screen. Also remember to show your love to your dinos, clean the farm, and visit your neighbors to see who has the most beautiful dino farm. Don`t let them die of starvation. Moreover you can decorate your farm to gain more experience which enables you to unlock and take care of high level dinos. Also do not forget breeding as you can produce some very special secret dinos ONLY by breeding. Additional Features: -Magically revive or burn dead dinos -Listen to your favorite songs while playing with your dino friends. -Interact with dinos by feeding them and knocking on them -Visit your neighbors and clean their farm -Take photos of your farm
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Mini Dino
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