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Goal of the game Match at least 3 of the same ingredients that are needed for a customer's burger. Click on the burger when it's ready and collect your money. Serve a customer's burger before he or she runs out of patience. The more full the customer's patience bar is, the more he or she will pay for the burger. Make sure to reach every day's goal in order to advance to the next level. Game controls The grill shows the ingredients needed for a customer's burger. Use the game board to prepare the necessary ingredients. Swap and match at least 3 of the same ingredients in a row or column. When the burger is ready, left click on the tray or grill to serve. Then left click on the money to collect your profit. Win tokens by completing the day's goals, or by clicking on them when they show up on the game board. Bonuses Use the tokens you earn with selling burgers to buy new recipes and treats in the Burger Shop. New burger recipes will earn more money per completed order. Treats boost a customer's patience. Click on the treat to give it to a customer.

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