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Goal of the game

Switch ingredients and make rows of 3 or more to remove them. Collect the required ingredients in order to finish a pastry. When the pastry is finished, click to remove it from the work top before it gets to the end of the conveyor belt. To reach a high level, make all the remaining pastries as quick as you can.

Game controls

Switch ingredients by clicking on them with your left mouse button. The required ingredients are automatically added to the pastries on the conveyor belt. If a pastry is finished, you can click on it with your left mouse button.


Receive extra bonuses by making combos and filling the Frenzy Meter on the right. You can make combos by quickly making several matches in a row, or by making a match 4 or match 5. If the meter is full, you will get 1000 points for each match you make, and your score counter will continuously add points during the Frenzy Score time.
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Pastry Passion
500 character maximum