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Aliens Go Boom!

by AOL, Inc
The Federation is always on the lookout for good space pilots. T.J. Zirlax, commanding officer of recruits for the Federation, oversees the entire mission from start to finish. He has honed "the gauntlet" to judge the capabilities of all future pilots. Commander Zirlax often points out, in his grim way, that many try, but few make it to the level of Captain in this Federation. Strap in and prove to Zirlax that you have what it takes to join the elite. Destroy asteroids, demolish UFOs, and annihilate all those alien vessels that are a constant threat to the well being of the Federation. Features: * 35 levels that grow with difficulty * Integrated storyline that keeps the action moving * One-level-back restart ability that saves you from having to completely restart if you don't succeed at a level * Totally addictive gameplay.
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Aliens Go Boom!
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