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Desktop Tower Defense PRO

by CasualCollective
Free online 'Desktop Tower Defense'. Desktop TD Pro welcomes you to unlock the 24 custom Scenarios, think up devilish new modes in the Sandbox, race for your life in the Sprints and out think others in the Multiplayer. New graphics to bring it up to date and a few new Creeps to keep you on your toes. Find out how the speedy Arrows, damage sucking Decoys and cheating Hoppers will force you to rethink your mazes and your sanity. Instructions: Build Towers to defend your desktop. Each creep gives money to spend on better Towers. Press 'Start' to send the first wave and then 'Next Wave' to send the next wave early. Each Tower can be upgraded 5 times and the 5th upgrade creates an Elite Tower.
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Desktop Tower Defense PRO
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