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Pop & Drop

by Gamehouse

Launch colored balls to make matched sets, clear the board by "popping" all the balls before they drop on you! Two awesome game modes, Action Mode and strategy-based Perpetual Mode keep you on your toes. Special power pieces help you rack up the big points.

* Instant Access - Play anytime. No waiting, and you'll never run into a full game room.
* Fast-paced action or brilliant strategy - Pop all the balls at lightning speed in Action Mode, challenge your smarts and accuracy in Perpetual Mode!
* Full Screen Play - Fill your entire screen with intense puzzle fun!
* Special Retry Feature - When the level gets too tough, you have the option to try it again... as many times as you want!
* Awesome graphics and sounds. A downloaded game means you get better graphics and a new soundtrack, plus you never have to wait for a game to load!
* No interruptions. This game has no ads, so you can play an endless game or stop when YOU want to.
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Pop & Drop
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