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by Gamehouse
Play TextTwist free on In TextTwist, you are given six jumbled letters to form into as many words as possible within two minutes. Words can range from three letters to six letters, and each time you find a six-letter word, you gain access to the next level. Use the mouse to click the letter bubbles into the solution slots, or use the keyboard to type words out at warp speed. Click TWIST to scramble the letters and find more words on the board. You can backspace or delete to remove a single letter or click CLEAR to remove them all. After you find a word, click ENTER to add it and watch your score climb. CHEATS & TIPS Plow through Plurals: Once you find a noun, ANY noun, be on the lookout for an ‘S’ in your jumble of letters. Be sure to tack it onto every possible word to maximize your score. Get Tense, Get Points: Don’t chomp your nails or let your palms sweat--get tense the right way using any available “-ED” or “-LY” combos to your advantage. Grab past tense verbs and snatch adverbs up whenever you can. Often the winning six-letter word you’re looking for will come in a form you didn’t expect. Practice Hindsight: Before the clock runs out, go through all your previous words to look for patterns, prefixes, suffixes and root words. For example, if you found “EAT” as a 3-letter word, make a point not to forget words like, “HEAT,” “SEAT,” or “MEAT.” Look for even longer words like “PLEAT,” “GREAT,” or “THREAT,” all of which include those three letters in different ways.
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