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Jewel Quest 2

by iWin
Swap jewels to turn the entire board gold and collect golden coins that will grant you special moves.


Form matches by lining up 3 or more identical relics horizontally or vertically. Swap 2 adjacent relics by clicking on both squares or by dragging one relic to the adjacent square. As relics are matched, the board spaces under them turn to gold. Turn all spaces to gold to complete the board.

Chain Reactions

Matched relics are removed and new relics will fall from above, filling the empty spaces. Often, this will cause chain reactions and those too will be scored and removed. The more relics that are matched simultaneously, the more points scored per relic. Chain reactions will score even higher!


Lives can be lost either by running out of time or in rare cases by having no more moves available. If the level is completed in time, bonus points are added based on how much time is left.


Hints are automatically given if no play has been made after a period of time. Watch for two relics that quickly animate to see an available move.
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Jewel Quest 2
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