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Jewel Quest

by iWin
Turn the sand of the ancient jungle into gold as fast as possible by matching groups of three items. Bigger groups are worth more points. Jewel Quest is one of the best free games at CHEATS & TIPS Matching Form matches by lining up three or more identical relics horizontally or vertically. Swap two adjacent relics by clicking on both squares or by dragging one relic to the other. As relics are matched, the board spaces under them turn to gold. Turn all spaces to gold to complete the board. Chain Reactions As relics are removed, new ones will fall from above, filling empty spaces. Often, this will cause chain reactions that will be scored and remove even more relics. The more relics that are matched simultaneously, the more points scored. Each space turned to gold is worth an additional 50 points. When you earn 50,000 bonus points from a crazy chain, you will gain an extra life. A rare match of five or six jewels will also reward you handsomely. Work from the Bottom Up Matching from the bottom of the board towards the top maximizes your number of moves as new jewels drop in from above. This way, you keep refreshing new jewels and avoid getting trapped with no moves. Manage Your Time Lives are lost either by running out of time or, in rare cases, a lack of moves available. If the level is completed in time, bonus points are added based on leftover time. Keep in mind that special relics only disappear after two matches. These difficult spaces must take priority over the rest of the board. Otherwise, you may get stuck at the end of the game with no time left. Can You Take A Hint? Hints are automatically given if no moves are made after a period of time. Watch for two relics that quickly animate to see an available move.
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Jewel Quest
500 character maximum