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Desert Motocross

by KOL
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If you think you have what it takes to be a trickmaster on your BMX bike, then take your act to the desert in 'Desert Motocross'. Timing's everything in this game. Press the 1, 2 or 3 key at the right moment in the air for maximum points. You also have complete control - press the forward button to go fast and back button to brake.

There are two ways to get points - your overall time and by the amount of tricks you can pull off. To make the game even harder you have three options for choosing the amount of obstacles you will face - from barely any to lots. While you're making your desert run, you can track your score and your time at the top of the screen and see how you're doing. Everything depends on how fast you go and how many tricks you can do before you wipe out and have to start all over again. The tricks that get a lot points are backspins, jumps and wheelies. The space bar helps you pop a wheelie and you can do it in mid-air for a cool effect. Keep an eye out for the blue double arrows because if you can steer over them you'll go super fast and make up ground. But if you slam into a cactus on the road you'll wipe out for sure. And look out for the buzzards up in the air; they will swoop down and distract you. Finally, if you fall off your bike after slamming into a boulder or cactus don't stop and pout, just pop back on and get back in the game!

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Desert Motocross
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