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by MindForce Consulting LLC
AlphaFlip is a word game combining strategy, time and your smarts! JULY 2013: We invite you to try out our new release, featuring the Daily Challenge, where you can play against every other player to see who has the highest score. We also added more phrases and a step-by- step How To Play tutorial. WHY PLAY: We all know game players who thrive on being fast, and others who take forever to move and receive high scores due to their strategic thinking. For most of our games, being fast is easy. The player who is both fast and chess-like strategic will win. That’s the challenge and the fun! LEARN HOW THE GAME PLAY: We provide a user with the known-end achievement — a phrase or word. At start, the player is given a row of scrambled letters, including spaces between words, and is tasked with unscrambling these letters, through a series of moves called “flips”, until the known phrase or word is reassembled. A flip is when you select a string of letters and they are rearranged – “flipped” – into the opposite order they were in. For example, the letters “A-B-C” would be “flipped” to “C-B-A” and the letters “Y-R-T” would be flipped to “T-R-Y” Depending on the game being played, the objective is to (re)construct the phrase in as few flips as possible, usually in the least amount of time and/or with the highest score (more points for doing more strategic moves). AlphaFlip is also like chess! To win, you need to think many flips ahead so you can realign the letters into the phrase or word in 1 or 2 or even 3 fewer flips than your friends and other players. COMING SOON – Stay tuned for our next release this Fall featuring multiplayer challenges.
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