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Plants vs Zombies - Game of The Year

by PopCap Games
Defend your home with zombie-zapping plants in this free online game at, one of the best free games online. In Plants vs. Zombies, counter-attack the undead with strategy, speed, peashooters, cherry bombs and more. CHEATS & TIPS The very first tip and fundamental element of the game to grasp is having a strong “Sun” economy. Suns are what enable you to plant the various plants in the game and the best way to do this is by planting Sunflower plants early and often. For more cheats & tips click on the link below! Plants vs Zombies Cheats and Tips NEWS Bejeweled maker's Plants vs. Zombies Adventures sprouts on Facebook You've seen the domain registrations. Now, take a look at the first images of the next Plants vs. Zombies game, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures on Facebook. Developer PopCap Games broke the news through Inside Social Games during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. (PopCap also confirmed an early summer 2013 release for PvZ 2. ) Read More >
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Plants vs Zombies - Game of The Year
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