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Rocket Mania

by PopCap Games
Put up a great show by launching rockets. The public will reward you with coins. Pick up the coins to upgrade your rockets. Fire upgraded rockets to increase your score! <h2>Goal of the game</h2> Click the Tiles to rotate them. This way you can create Fuses to light the rockets. Watch the Timer at the bottom of the screen. When time runs out the game is over! The number of Rockets you need to launch is shown above the dragon, as well as the number of Coins you have collected. Fire two or more rockets at the same time to receive coins. Five or more coins will upgrade your rockets at the end of the level. Upgraded rockets have new fireworks effects, and earn more points! <h2>Bonus-items</h2> Gems<br> Gems give you extra points. Complete fuses through Gems to grab them! Gems disappear after a short time. Get them before they go! <p> Extra Time<br> Always running out of time? Grab the Clock to freeze the timer! <p> Coins<br> Launch two or more rockets at once to receive coins. Five coins upgrade one rocket. <p> Bombs<br> Bombs blow up nearby fuses. Beware! They blow up coins and gems too! <h2>Controls</h2> Click on fuse tiles to rotate them. Complete fuses to launch rockets. <h2>Score</h2> Pick up the coins to buy rocket upgrades. Upgraded rockets earn you more points, and a higher ranking.
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Rocket Mania
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