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by PopCap
Play Bookworm for free online at Feed the hungry bookworm with chains of words streaming from old storybooks. Enjoy one of the most polished word games on the web. CHEATS & TIPS Count to Three Each letter tile has one, two or three dots in the lower-right corner. Each dot adds value to the letter score, so try to combine as many two and three-dot letters as you can. Bonus Tiles Creating words of five letters or more will grant bonus tiles, which act as multipliers. Use several bonus tiles in a single word for tons of points. Word Fragments Are Your Friends Add prefixes and suffixes like -er, -ed, -ing, re-, un-, or plurals like -s or -es to instantly beef up any word. Short Words Are Not Using too many short words can cause problems. Flaming tiles drop from the top of the board, burning a tile beneath them every turn. If you don’t use the letter soon enough, it will reach the bottom of the screen, burning the library and ending the game. Too many short words leaves behind many undesirable letters with limited options. In cases like these, you can click on the Bookworm to shuffle the board, but watch out for more red tiles as a result.
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